The Experience of an Amateur Presenter

I can’t say nothing but thank my God for giving me the chance to participate in a conference. This always become my dream since my first step as a college student. Now, I want to share a little bit about this inspiring experience.

Currently I am a volunteer in a foundation which doing some programs to empowering the poor parents of children with special needs (CSN). A few weeks ago, I was being asked to make an abstract for joining the 3rd International Conference on Special Education (ICSE) in Surabaya. Voluntarily, I accepted the request. Somehow, one of the staffs said that our abstract was accepted on the conference. Then, we sent the full paper and got the chance to present it.

I was really nervous as I was the one who was chosen to present it. Fortunately, the staff gave me some preparation by writing down the points that I should say later on. I also got a very warm support from my best friend. After all the efforts, I finally managed to present the paper on the second day of the event.

From other papers, plenary sessions, and keynote speakers, there are a lot of problems in education. Whether it is given to the normal or special one, we should rethink about our education principles especially in my own country. There are still many discriminations that come from our local culture such as karma. It means that if you did something bad in the past, you will get the bad thing in the future. In the terms of CSN, the “bad” parents are having their CSN. It is one of the thoughts that we should change.

There are many innovations that we can build to make a better quality in education. As we live in the 21st century, we must have these essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Yet, it is another problem for us.

This conference is one of the chances to meet super inspirational figures in the world. Instead of the international speakers, I was amazed by Ms. Aria Indrawati. She is the chief of the Indonesian Blind Union (we call it Pertuni in Bahasa). The fascinating thing is that she’s one of the people with visual impairment. I’m glad that there is one of the successful product of Indonesia’s special education policy. But, she said that there are still many people with disabilities who have a difficulties in accessing the educational facilities.

I guess that’s the end of my short experience. I hope you all will be encouraged to do the same thing. Last but not least, we must never forget that everyone deserve education.

Author: Ardiana Meilinawati

Indonesia, 1420. Mengaku seorang petualang yang sedang berhijrah menuju kehidupan abadi.

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